A N N A   W A T Z I N G E R

1981 born in Graz (A),

raised in Upper Austria and living and working in Vienna,

studied sculpture and digital/media arts and thinks/works within various media, subjects and projects, focusing on this liquid space of encounter of different things and phenomenon.



2012-2017: University of Applied Arts Vienna

                     2021: Diploma Digital/Media Arts with distinction


2004-2010: Vienna Art School, diploma with distinction

2002-2004: multimedia based Art Therapy School (ISSA), Vienna

2001-2002: Australia: living, working, traveling

1987-2000: Rudolf Steiner School, Linz (AT)


since 2018: member of Kollektiv Outsight

since 2017: member of RIGRIVIS by Aa collection

2010-2013: member of the artists collective & gallery „Schleifmühlgasse 12-14“, Vienna

since 2011:  co founder of the collective TranZ – performative gestures in urban context


2011: voluntary work at Radio Orange and Okto TV

2004-2008: commercial photography: events, nude photography




                                                                                                                                                                                  *(TMDA) = from THE MALUS DOMESTICA ARCHIVE



Lucy performance with Julia Tazreiter, PROYECTOR Festival, Madrid

INSOMNIA 2.0_Dinge Denken Daten Dämonen sensory installation, Mz Balthazar’s Laboratory, Vienna


living image_deleted video, selection Best Austrian Animation by ASIFAustria, film screening Filmcasino, Vienna

living image_deleted video, selection Austrian competition by VIS/Vienna Shorts, film screening „magic hour“ Stadtkino/Künstlerhaus, Vienna


Ongoing artistic research project in collaboration with Deniz Guvensoy (theorist, curator) about the space between Nothing and Something on the example of „The Word became Flesh“


FLAT WHITE OPEN at Hannovermarkt with Carmen Fetz performative intervention: working & living-minimal housing- in public space, Q202, Vienna


Awardee of 20 second for art by KÖR and INFOSCREEN 20 second video documentation of a temporary sculpture in public space (Wallensteinplatz, Vienna 2012), two-weeks screening in public transports-WIENER LINIEN- in Vienna                                                                                                                     


through my eyes/windows visual intervention in semi public space, KUD Mreža at Cultural Centre Metelkova, Ljubljana (SI)

THE MALUS DOMESTICA ARCHIVE presentation of the work in progress, The Srečišče Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)


Artist in Residency at cultural center Metelkova, Ljubljana (SI)

Inbetween IV performance-weekend, organized/part of, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna


Expanding Drava (interactive) performance in public space, European Capital of Culture, Maribor (SI)

exhiperform with Vasja Nagy performance/installation, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna


071019812142 performance/installation/objects/photography/video, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna


01 – diploma presentation temporary installation/sculpture in public space (Karlsplatz) & screening at show room Kunsthalle Karlsplatz, Vienna


Nichts tun – Zen Arbeit in Ottakring installation/participative event, curated/part of, Soho in Ottakring, Vienna


2005 Körperlandschaften nude photography, Raimundhof, Vienna

1999 Licht photography, Linz (AT)



2 0 2 1

smart rainbow 7.0 live live stream video sculpture with Laurus Edelbacher,“ Καιρός – recall of earth II“, curated by Sophia Panteliadou, Angewandten Innovation Lab (AIL), Vienna

living image_deleted video & ohne Titel sculpture, C3 Complexity Science Center, UNAM, Mexico City (MX)

living image_deleted video, PROYECTOR Festival, Exhibition Hall El Aguila, Madrid (E)

living image_deleted video, „Social Lubricant & Water Politics“, curated by XX Art Flanerie „may you live in liquid times“, Hollerei gallery, Vienna

DEEP SCREEN_ von Prinzessinnen, Perlzwiebeln und Panik with Ruth Zimmermann, Mz Balthazar’s Laboratory, Vienna


2 0 2 0

Kronprinzessin Rudolfina 2/1220 (TMDA) performative intervention, act VI notgalerie/Reinhold Zisser, Seestadt Vienna


2 0 1 9

smart rainbow 7.0 live stream video sculpture with Laurus Edelbacher, “ Καιρός – recall of earth“, curated by Sophia Panteliadou & Rainer Kaltenberger, MIET Thessaloniki (GR)

Bodyscreen/Deep Interfaces mini sculpture collection „die weisse-ab-haus-verkaufs-kunstschau #6“ – online presentation, das weisse haus, Vienna

smart rainbow 7.0 live stream video sculpture with Laurus Edelbacher,“ Καιρός – recall of earth“, Digital Arts/University of Applied Arts Vienna, Biennale Sessions/Arsenale, Venice (I)

living image_deleted video,Propeller film screening“, Fotogalerie Wien, WUK, Vienna

living image_deleted video, The Essence – Angewandte Festival“, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Frau Pomona LaMela/Kronprinzession Rudolfina performative intervention, participation in the performance „Justizpalast der Volksherrschaft im Garten“ by Club Real, studio brut, Vienna


2 0 1 8

Frau Pomona LaMela/Kronprinzessin Rudolfina apple speech concept/application for planting an apple tree, performative participation in the projectJenseits der Natur_ Volksherrschaft im Garten“ by Club Real, greenhouse Floridsdorf, Vienna


2 0 1 7

Apfelfleisch site-specific intervention, „Vergessene Frauen-Donne Dimenticate“, organized by GAL/University of Applied Arts Vienna, Bulgarian culture institute, Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna

Daily Bang oder die kleine Schwester von Prometheus sonic-performative intervention,„advanced obstacles“, organized by Joseph Knierzinger & Michael Muik, Republic of Kugelmugel, Vienna

Furt II_ installative video projection & sound installation, „The Essence„, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Alte Post, Vienna

Prometa zündelt performance, „Acts of Touch“, performance parcours organized by Marie-Claude Poulin, Digital Arts/University of Applied Arts Vienna

Daily Bang oder die kleine Schwester von Prometheus sonic-performative intervention, „Fenstersturz“, organized by Nico Kirisits/Klaus Filip, Lichthof, University of Applied Arts Vienna

NOW! text/photo collage, catalog contribution „Inszenierte Projekte“, curated by Beatrix Sunkovsky, catalog presentation, Secession Vienna

alma spricht video, „RIGRIVIS launch in space“, by Aa collections, Vienna

Furt II installative video projection,“bitoresc“, Digital Arts/University of Applied Arts Vienna, Ausstellungszentrum Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna


2 0 1 6

Furt installative video projection with Laurus Edelbacher, 7-3+1 installation & AYTO video performance with Laurus Edelbacher, Dara Radmilovic, Stefan Rakic & Lena Violetta Leitner, TV916-Deconstruction of context„, organized by Tommy Schneider & Igor Bosnjak, Academy of Fine Arts, Trebinje (BIH)

Sowohl als auch performance with Cagdas Cecen, „body-minds & objects“ performance parcours , organized by C.M.Poulin & Martin Kusch, Digital Arts/University of Applied Arts Vienna

Würfelperformance; Zufällige Begegnung von…video, Fortune Cookie not my intention„, organized by Gerda Lampalzer-Oppermann, mo.ë, Vienna

Alma spricht video, „Aporias“, curated by Deniz Guvensoy, Friday Exit, Vienna

Tonmaterial video die weisse-ab-haus-verkaufs-kunstschau #5, das weisse haus, Vienna

Alma spricht video, film festival „Running Sushi“, organized by Kollektiv Outsight, KunstRaumGarage, Vienna

ANIMAtion work in progress, „Aftershow“, organized by Julia Tarzreiter & Hui Ye, mo.ë, Vienna


2 0 1 5

Tonmaterial video & Eine Melodie aufgehängt zwischen zwei Punkten installative projection, „Transducing the city“, organized by Christina Kubisch/Digital Arts/University of Applied Arts Vienna, Ausstellungszentrum Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna site-specific & time-based installation, „Festival Europa“, organized by aykit, Arena Wien, Vienna

Wiener Waschweib 2.0 (washing-)performance/(clothes-)projection, „duckdockdonaukanal“, organized by Leo Schatzl, das WERK, Vienna

SEEing video, LED wall screening at Fledermaushaus Seestadt Aspern, organized by Jan Lauth & Peter Koger, Vienna

Die Zitrone installation & das Pendel moving video, „OneDay – show“, organized by Ilse Lafer, Generali Foundation, Vienna

Alma spricht video, film festival „Running Sushi“, organized by Out Sight, Friday Exit, Vienna


2 0 1 4

Die Tür/The Door/Дверь video-installation with Serge Prokofiev & T=M+V performative/installative/new media with Lena Violetta Leitner, Yana Kovrigina, Ksenia Plisova, „Contemporaries of the near future„, Digital Arts/University of Applied Arts, Vienna Fair, das weisse haus, Vienna

Works of 071019812142 photography/video/installation,“die weisse-ab-haus-verkaufs-kunstschau #3, das weisse haus, Vienna


2 0 1 3

21* video, part of the THE MALUS DOMESTICA PROJECT, „digital frictions“, Digital Arts/University of Applied Arts Vienna, das weisse haus, Vienna

8h growing sculpture „Vertical“ Digital Arts /University of Applied Arts Vienna, Biennale Sessions/Arsenale, Venice (I)

7 rooms performance, voice Tina Muliar, „Inbetween IV“, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna

Lipa 08-31 performance/video/presentation with Katja Oblak, Galerija Screcisce Metelkova, Ljubljana (SI)

Moving Sculpture moving sculpture/video, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14/ „Parallel“ – Vienna Art Fair, Vienna

be part of the art participative installation/support Vienna Open Lab & Moving Sculpture moving installation, „Trial and Error“, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna

Pain performance, „Inbetween V“, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna

Me, Myself & I photography & no title object, „Collateral Orbit“, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14/Allegra Nomad gallery, Bucharest (RO)

7 rooms part of the performance, opening ceremony of the Kornmarktplatz Bregenz, organized by Martin Gruber/aktionstheater, Digital Arts /University of Applied Arts Vienna

no title object, „Cocoon“, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14/Baril Gallery, Cluj (RO)


2 0 1 2

Moving Sculpture video, „about flying“, European month of photography, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14/brick5, Vienna

Ideas for Drava projection, raz:um art space, Maribor (SI)

no title object & growing sculpture performance, „Celica/Zelle/Cell“, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14/Galerija Screcisce Metelkova, Ljubljana (SI)

Me, Myself & I performance/installation/video, „Private View“, organized by Gerda Lampalzer-Oppermann/ University of Applied Arts Vienna, Schikaneder, Vienna

Zeitkörper object „Untragbar“ organized by Stefanie Wuschitz/Digital Arts /University of Applied Arts Vienna, Micro symposium, MQ, Vienna

Invited artist workshop and presentation, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14/Jiři Kočica/Žiga Okorn/Mojca Puncer/raz:um, European Capital of Culture, Maribor (SI)

Wally performance in public space with Aiko/Kazuko Kurosaki, Q202, Vienna

HAZATEIA photography/screen, „Constructed Photography“ by Vasja Nagy, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna


2 0 1 1

Pain performance, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14/ThisHumanWorld-Festival, Vienna

The Alma Project installation/photography/object, „Post/Art in a Suitcase“ by Vasja Nagy, Alkatraz gallery, Ljubljana (SI)

Kommlabor participative performance, „Symposium performative“, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna

No title postcard-series: material exchange with Astrid Sodomka, „Help for Japan“, Benefizveranstaltung Pratersauna, Vienna


2 0 1 0

HAZATEIA photography/installation, „Outside of Oblivion“, European month of photography, brick5, Vienna

The Alma Project moving object/artist’s instructions/narrative documentation, „Art in a Suitcase“ curated by Vasja Nagy, Europe/Istanbul

         Exhibitions: Studio Gallery FKSE, Budapest (HU)

                              m.odla Gallery Prague (CZ)

                              Runde Ecke, Dresden (DE)

                              SintflutStudio, Berlin (DE),

                              Associazione Culturale Mirada, Ravenna (IT)

                              Pangea S. N. C. , Mola di Bari (IT)

                              Depo, Istanbul (TR)

nothing more than this performance, „36 Stunden Kunst“, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna

light drawings photography, „Innere Sicherheit“, IIASA/Institute Laxenburg, Nö (AT)


2 0 0 8  beyond the picture photography, land art workshop & exhibition, gallery of Mikulov (CZ)

2 0 0 7  Dot 7 photography/installation, land art workshop & exhibition, palace of Mikulov (CZ)

            Zeitkörper object & Momo – the golden girl of time performance one day show, Vienna Art School

2 0 0 6  Participation performance by Andrei Bartenev, Donaufestival Krems (A)

             The fifth element permanent installation of a sculpture, wood workshop & exhibition, Bata Foundation, Zlin (CZ)

2 0 0 3  ACT installation, Art Therapy School (ISSA)/WUK project space, Vienna